The Enchanted Isle

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Hey everybody,
Trust here. We just keep rolling out the updates. Lately we have been putting a lot of focus (even though it may not have seemed like it) on the Hitbox issues. Nothing we did with our plugins caused the issue and to be quite honest we were baffled. Finally we decided to see if an upgrade would resolve the issue. So last night we upgraded our HG machines and it seems to have made a significant difference. We are pretty sure that Hitbox issues are now fixed! We hope you guys appreciate the upgraded performance on TEI <3.

Hunger Games
So our Hunger Games machines have been upgraded. On top of that we have introduced our new HG Mini Mode: Lucky Block HG. In this mode you will find 0-2 Lucky Blocks in every chest. The blocks (when placed) will play a short little animation and do one of two things. You could get varying levels of good luck, ranging from cooked meat, to arrows, to diamond armor....
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Hello everybody!

Trust here with some news that you guys all should appreciate.

Dungeon Crawl Smilies
We are introducing Set 1 of the Dungeon Crawl Smilies! This set includes the Class Symbol for each class as well as the Health and Mana Potions. Keep an eye out as we will be releasing more of these leading to and following the launch of the gamemode.

Warrior - (warrior)
Archer - (archer)
Berserker - (berserker)
Rogue - (rogue)
Cleric - (cleric)
Battlemage - (battlemage)
Health Potions - (hp1)(hp2)(hp3)
Mana Potions - (mana1)(mana2)(mana3)

Let us know which class you are most excited about below and don't forget to use the smilies for the class :D.

Server Maintenance
We will be doing server maintenance tonight starting between 8-9 PM PST. We will be performing some general performance updates on most of the server as well as some stability checks.

We have had the same...
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Hello everybody!
Trust here with some details of our new upcoming gamemode - Dungeon Crawl.

Dungeon Crawl is a 4 player cooperative dungeon crawling RPG style game. People who have played games like Torchlight, Dungeon Siege, Diablo, and other similar games will be used to this kind of game. There are a few cool details about Dungeon Crawl that set it apart from games that other servers have.


With most gamemodes you have to build a new map to have a new map. With Dungeon Crawl, we take sets of "tiles" that we have made, randomly pull from these tiles to create a new map every game.

While the pieces remain the same, the likelihood of you having the same map twice is astronomical. This is one of the features of the dungeon crawler...
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What follows is the final transcript from the journal of Professor Trufondo.

Day 27
Things are beginning to clear up about the weapons and the Dungeon. It seems that the weapons only hold power inside the Dungeon as they draw for the power of the Dungeon itself. This has eased my concern about the armory, however so many questions still remain regarding the Dungeon itself, like, where is it?

Day 29
I have translated the location of the Dungeon. What disturbs me is that it references multiple Dungeons. I have found records of a Dungeon in the shifting sands (presumably Egypt), a Dungeon with walls made of stone (it almost sounds like medieval Europe which cannot be true), even a Dungeon with walls of white and glowing color lights, like something from a space movie. I've no clue how these writings contain information about architecture that came into being centuries after they were written, but they do.

Day 31
Today is All Hallows' Eve. Being in these...
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Hello Everybody,
Trust here. As some of you may have noticed, I have begun to roll out the updates to Survival. Some of you may have noticed these as they are being implemented. I don't quite have everything in yet, but we are getting there. Below is a list of things you guys will find over the coming weeks in Survival. I have highlighted in progress items in yellow and completed items in green.

Spawn Shops
We are working on the return of spawn shops. However some items will be removed and some prices may be adjusted.

Server Towns (with Shops)
We are currently working on building 2 towns on the survival server. These towns will be centers for trade, shops, combat and more. We hope to provide you guys with some extra opportunities for things to do in TEI Survival.

Spawn Egg Crafting

Spawn Egg Crafting is exactly...
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Heyo everybody!
Trust here with some more translations of Prof. Trufondo's journal. More questions are raised by the translation, but one that has been bugging us all has been answered.

Day 19:
The number of artifacts contained in this library is astounding. Every day we find something that sheds even more light on the ancient civilizations of the world. We have also discovered even more writings similar to the book I have already been working on. We have a team of translators working around the clock trying to decipher these new writings.

Day 21:
I have discovered in the writings. They discuss a new method of creating items using powers. Not sure if my translation of the word power is completely accurate as it also seems to be used for name. There is a reference to the different powers an item can have. I will need to run some calculations, but this seems incredible.

Day 23:
After further review I am certain that the word power is the same as the...
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Hello Everybody!

Trust here with some exciting news. SgtCaze and I have spent the past few weeks trying to figure out the source of lag and memory issues between survival and spell masters. Well, we finally made a breakthrough.

We found the source of the survival first, some bad plugins were causing a memory leak. We removed them and BAM! instant improvement. Survival is much more stable now and we feel confident enough to start enhancements on survival.

Next up was Spell Masters. Spell Masters was in bad shape, at least 1 crash a day because of a memory leak. I worked with SgtCaze to try and identify the leak. Last night we narrowed it down to what was most likely the source. I contacted the developer of our spells plugin and we discussed the issue. He gave me a fix and another instant improvement in memory usage. Now that Spell Masters is much more stable I will be refocusing on adding more spells, maps and FUN!!!!

Another thing we did with Survival is we removed the player...
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These excerpts are from the journal of Reginald Trufondo, explorer and archaeologist. His journal records the discoveries at the recently uncovered underground tomb at Delphi.

Day 1: I was so excited to discover that I had been selected to participate in the exploration of this newly found area at Delphi. It seems impossible after the years of research and studying Delphi that archaeologists have discovered a new doorway. Our objective is to open the door, explore inside and unlock the mysteries of the unseen entrance. I feel so giddy I feel like it's once again my first time in the field.

Day 3: After 3 days of trying to open the door we have still been unsuccessful. It's locked by some strange ancient mechanism. The foreman wants to break the door in with brute force, but it would be such a loss of artifacts (yes I consider the door an artifact!). We have had professional locksmiths, thieves, and archaeologists try to open the door with no success. The ancients are truly...
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Hello Everybody,
Trust here to announce our winners of the HG Tournament and the prizes they have been awarded.

Top 5 Wins - Prize: Free Rank Upgrade
1. CalsChaos
2. Itz_Dylannn
3. ScrapOfPaper
4. fregaropa
5. Ravennnnn

Top 5 Kills - Prize: 3 Lvl 3 Treasure Chests, 3 Map Passes
1. CalsChaos
2. Itz_Dylannn
3. ScrapOfPaper
4. fregaropa
5. Ravennnnn

Top 5 Games Played - Prize: 3 Lvl 3 Treasure Chests, 3 Map Passes
1. Itz_Dylannn
2. CalsChaos
3. HevelinoYT
4. Ravennnnn
5. cole81579

Top 5 Losses/Deaths - Prize: 3 Lvl 3 Treasure Chests
1. Rydersharpshoota
2. cole81579
3. Itz_Dylannn
4. kittycatgamer1
5. ItzSkyPvP_

We aren't stopping there. The Top 5 Runner Ups (places 6-10) will also received 2 Lvl 3 Treasure Chests.

Thank you to everyone who...